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Myers Team Named Nevada’s Top Short Sale Realtor

Las Vegas, Nevada –  A recent report provided by IMS Advanced Realty Data Services named The Myers Team the #1 Short Sale Real Estate Team in Nevada.

In Nevada, the consequences of foreclosure can be devistating, and the decision in selecting a Real Estate firm to handle the short sale of your home is an important one.  Hiring an inexperienced Realtor, Broker or Attorney to handle your short sale transaction could be disastrous.  Banks are quick to take advantage of Realtors who are unfamiliar with the short sale negotiation process.  Just because an agent is “Experienced” does not mean that he/she is experienced with short sales.  There are several “well known” Las Vegas Realtors currently running television commercials advertising their “Short Sale Expertise,” however, the fact of the matter is they did not close enough short sale transactions to be ranked in the “Top 25.”  In fact, many of these “well known Realtors” did not even rank in the Top 50.*

A short sale transaction is without doubt, the most complicated transaction in residential real estate.  Bill Myers, owner of The Myers Team states, “In a short sale transaction, you need MORE than a Realtor.  You need a Realtor who is a Short Sale Specialist.  If you were sick and in need of open heart surgery, would you hire a doctor who is a general practicioneer or would you seek the services of an experienced cardiologist?”

The Myers Team with Century 21 MoneyWorld has closed HUNDREDS of short sale transactions since 2007.  There are many other Realtors out there who falsely claim that they are the #1 Short Sale Agent or #1 Short Sale Team in Las Vegas.  Who can you trust?  When interviewing a Realtor to do a short sale on your home, ASK to see WRITTEN proof of closings in their name (not closings in their office, company, or with other team members.)

Additionally, BEWARE of other Realtors who claim to be “Certified Short Sale Specialists, or Certified Distressed Property Experts.”  In Nevada, you can become a “Certified Short Sale Expert or a Certified Distressed Property Expert” by attending a one day seminar.  These seminars are taught by people who have little or no short sale experience.  There are many “Certified Short Sale Experts” running around town who have NEVER closed a short sale transaction.  With short sales, EXPERIENCE COUNTS.

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The Myers Team has closed and recorded more short sale listings than any Realtor, Broker or Attorney in the state of Nevada. #1 Status is based on 24 months of production as of October 13, 2010. Raw data provided by IMS Advanced Reality Data Services, it is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.


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